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Important of the job offer

You can find an example of the job offer at our web-page in the section of Useful information.

If you fill a job offer on your own we expect it to be concluded competently specifying all necessary details, dates and signatures in it. One of the most important issues is an indication of the payment per hour. In the case of hiring an experienced worker salary rate should be not less than the minimum permitted by applicable law at the time of registration of the contract. The latter will be taken into consideration while a decision to grant a work permission at the embassy. In case of non compliance with specified salary, we won’t be able to conclude the contract with chosen employee.
Overtime hours shall be paid on hourly rate. 

It is important that the employer does not violate the stated  in the employment contract payment terms of the worker. We also expect that upon arrival the employer will be able to explain to the employee elementary conditions of calculation and payment of salary, vacation , sick pay, income tax and other payments.
During the first weeks of Ukrainian worker on your farm, he must register in the local authorities and tax service office. Our company would be very grateful if you could assist in this to the person who is not familiar with the environment, does not know the right addresses and work schedule of official agencies.

Housing issue for the employee should be pointed separately. Ukrainian worker or trainee who arrives is  a foreigner and the housing question for him or his family is fundamental for his decision on  concluding the employment contract. Our company does not work with entities that do not provide affordable housing for Ukrainian employees!

If you do not have suitable housing directly on your farm you can rent it for the employee in the nearest location. The total cost of housing (rent + utilities) should be clear to condition and subsequently registered in the employment contract because its value is very important for the employee.

In the case of an employee residing away from the farm another issue to be decided it is a way of his getting to work. As a rule, the Ukrainian workers can not afford to buy a car immediately after arriving. Therefore, we recommend that you at least for the first six months  provide the employee with means of transportation and do  not to create conditions where the employee is forced to buy a car just to get to his job. Providing vehicle for transporting the employee to his workplace have to be agreed before concluding the job offer!

As for the conditions of accomodation you should provide the employee a place for having his meal,  place for rest and washing. Housing should be heated enough during the cold season. Hot water is always required. The employee will also count on the presence of kitchen utensils, plates, blankets, a bed, a table, couple of chairs, a wardrobe for clothes and personal belongings. Having access to the internet and PC  is also desirable.

Speaking of socialization of  Ukrainian employees in  new society we want you to understand that very often they cross through a psychological barrier leaving their country and facing with all new environment. So maybe your worker will need a certain period of adaptation to the environment. It is clear that his performance at work, confidence and future plans depends on the success of this process. You are the member of the new society with whom the worker will communicate constantly with no friends or acquaintances in a new place. Therefore a function to acclimatize your new employee to the society falls on you in large part and you should be interested in  success of this process. We do not expect that warm relations between you and the employee should develope at any rate  but we would like to see good partnership established between you and if it is possible  - friendly relations in all spectra of communication.