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Why it’s so beneficial to hire Ukrainians? – It is the most probable question that can occur if it is the first time you think about such opportunity

Answer to this question we find in cooperation with our Denmark partners- farmers that over a decade from year to year employ trainees from Ukraine. Denmark formed a kind of trend to employ Ukrainian trainees over the last 14 years. A lot of such trainees stay in Denmark as qualified workers after the expiration of their contract. Thus despite of crisis  in Europe and competition of workers in labor market from new EU members  more than 1200 Ukrainian trainees arrive annually on agricultural practice in Denmark according to the official data. So what makes the Ukrainian employee so successful? 

The first thing that draws attention of farmers that the vast majority of Ukrainians are good workers seeking to learn new kind of work and do it well, to fully meet the production needs of the farmer. They show great interest in modern equipment on the farm trying to learn how to manage it. They are also often interested in the whole production technology and achieve best results in production. One of the objective reasons for this is that unfortunately agriculture in Ukraine is not developed to such an extent as to create conditions for the operation of high-tech enterprises, where young professionals from agricultural universities could learn advanced technology and consolidate theoretical experience. Under these conditions, a situation where in the country with large agricultural traditions and rich lands young people who want to link their lives with agriculture have nowhere to apply their energy, the young mind and a well-developed physiology. So when they find themselves in conditions of modern farms they enthusiastically lead John Deere, run milking machines - robots, remove the skins of mink on machines and perform other work on the technology on which they could only read in the books at home. Fortunately, Ukraine is rich in such human resource.
Second thing is salary. As for the employee from any country the amount of salary plays a determining role in the motivation to work. Except that in the case of Ukrainians, this motivational element defines. The fact that the minimal salary in Ukraine as of June 2014 is slightly more than $ 100, and the average real salary for production work does not exceed $ 250. Real living wage also have significantly higher amounts of these income. Agrarian student or graduate of agricultural institution, understanding the situation in the economy, realizing  their perspective on the labor market in Ukraine considers to  work abroad as not only as a good business plan for their personal development, but also as an opportunity to earn good money.

Thus motivation for many Ukrainians who travel to work abroad is to earn money and sometimes to escape the hopeless situation of getting the place of work with decent salary. It is very important to understand that a lot of Ukrainian workers working abroad save money for some purchase in Ukraine (car, house, apartment). That’s why they try to work more extra hours and live very economically. They even say so directly: we came here to earn some money( for something). Based on this, if you need an employee who should work extra hours and hang around a lot Ukrainian will fit perfectly. 

The third important factor pointing in favor of taking on hiring Ukrainians is that as a rule, Ukrainians pay money for services of firms providing them the opportunity to work abroad. In addition, they have put together a set of documents for the embassy and wait for some time to obtain work permission. Therefore, after all these steps and arrival at the farm Ukrainian workers try to keep the  provided place and modify his contract until the end, knowing how hard he got it. This is another difference of the Ukrainian employees from European residents, who feel free to stop work on a farm, to go home to rest for a couple of months and then return to another farm.

Ukrainians who go to work as skilled workers usually intend to work in the chosen location for a long time (over two years) and many of them in the case of good working and living conditions willingly agree to immigrate and obtain a permanent residence permit and work taking with them their families .
Based on the described above, recruiting Ukrainian workers you can be sure that: 

  • they will be a good worker completely dedicated to the working process; 
  • they will be interested to work on your farm and will be glad to work overtimes;       
  • Ukrainian workers do not easily change workplace and modify their contracts with farmers to the end;           
  • Ukrainians are well motivated by the level of salary;
  • Ukrainian experienced workers have good references from previous jobs (which are pre-checked by our staff), a vast of experience, are always ready to work long term on the provided place of work and often agree on the process of labor immigration.

Of course, it would be unfair to you do not specify the weak sides of Ukrainian workers. These include knowledge of foreign languages. But working with our company you can be sure that we carefully select candidates for knowledge of English.
As it already happened in our work with farmers, that this question has often been decisive in the possibility of taking on a trainee job. And after a few years we have worked out a strict system of evaluation of the level of knowledge of English which allows you to select people for each individual farm to meet the requirements of the farmer to the level of language of coming worker. Minimum score level for knowledge of language in our system allows you to communicate without any difficulties with your employee by phone or Skype before his arrival. Thus you can be sure that our people - "can speak English," and this fact shapes our reputation!    
In conclusion, I would like to note that of course the situation with each individual employee and workplace is unique. We always have to study the characteristics of both sides and report this information in an accessible form to our customers. That is our job that on arrival Ukrainian worker  entered the synchronous rhythm of your company and you won’t regret spent time and money on his arrival.